Artist in Residence

MACHFELD (aka Michael Mastrototaro and Sabine Maier)

October - November, 2007

Projektraum Machfeld

Visit the interdisciplinary art lab set up at the Durham Art Gallery by MACHFELD (aka Michael Mastrototaro and Sabine Maier) as part of their residency at United Media Arts in Durham. Founded in 1999 in Vienna, Austria, Machfeld works in multiple art fields: netart, experimental films, streaming web projects, interactive installations, and art in public space. Their work has been shown in Europe, Central America, Africa and the United States.
They see themselves as artists and researchers who try to find the suitable media to transport a concept. People, industry, landscapes, society, local culture and their own personal feelings inspire them.

The space will change during their stay, so check in frequently and engage with the artists, who will be available every Thursday evening from 6 to 8. Or you can arrange for a visit by sending them an email requested a date:

Artist talks with Machfeld are being held on Wednesday, October 10, 7pm at the Tom Thomson Art Gallery in Owen Sound; Monday, October 15, 4pm at the University of Western Ontario in London and Saturday, October 20, 8pm at the Durham Art Gallery followed by a farewell party for Sabine, who leaves on Sunday while Michael will stay until November 4.

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