Artist in Residence

Renate Kordon

United Media Arts invited Renate Kordon from Vienna for a creative residency to Durham from July to September 2003. During her residency Renate created new work and participated in the Durham Art Gallery's second Fabulous Festival of Fringe Film.

Renate Kordon studied architecture (1970-74), graphic arts (1974 -1978) and film animation (1983-1985). Her extensive body of work includes animated films, film installations, room projections and solar or wind powered mobile sculptures incorporating the fundamentals of film: time and light. The possibilities for transformation shape both the form and content of Kordon's work.

Whether working in sculpture or filmmaking, her investigation seems to operate on that subtle line where art intersects life. Renate Kordon has subsumed the material world into celluloid to subject it to the transforming forces of film.

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