Artist in Residence

Patrick Mahon

March - May, 2007

Drawing Water

Drawing Water was a three-part project Patrick Mahon realized during an artist-residency at UMAS - United Media Arts in collaboration with the Durham Art Gallery between March 28 and May 20, 2007 in Durham, Ontario.

It consisted of:

• BLUE, an initial exhibition of work Mahon has produced over the past four years
• Drawing Water, a community-based production involving dialogue, creation, storytelling and representation
• An out-door installation of the new work created during the residency

In this project we witness Mahon’s interest in aestheticized representations of natural phenomena that invoke both metaphorical and material readings. At the same time Mahon proposes using this representation as a means of both social and contemplative engagement. Combined and extended in this project, this demonstrates the need for a visual art that is located within a community context and operates on multiple levels.

The project “Drawing Water” is intended to show how the work of an artist can act as a jumping-off point for artistic responses and for community engagement. Citizens of Durham and the region will be invited to view Mahon’s initial exhibition, BLUE, and to participate in “Drawing Water” workshops within which the artist will teach and motivate artists and non-artists in the enterprise of “representing” water based on observation of the local Saugeen River. Ultimately, participants will be asked to contribute images of their drawings to a collective element of a new worked to be sited on the exterior of the Durham Art Gallery in summer 2007.

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