Publications: Diderot

UMAS publishes a video anthology called DIDEROT. There are currently four issues available. (The full text of Diderot #4 can be read online.)

DIDEROT #1 - The Emperor's
New Clothes

A series of videotapes commissioned between 1983 and 1986. UMAS invited artists who usually worked in media other than video - a painter, installation artists, a performer, etc. - to produce video artworks which incorporated the aesthetic and conceptual concerns germane to their own practice. Includes work by: Marc DeGuerre, Fast Wurms, Lily Eng, Brian Scott, Doug Sigurdson & Suzanne Gillies. Editors: G. Shea, C. Morrison, D. Martinovic, P. Phillips, E. Lam.

VHS, NTSC/PAL, 55 min
$25US, order by email

DIDEROT #2 - Television and the Channels of Culture

Videotapes by artists on the general theme of television. Video artists often have a love/hate relationship to the industry, technology and culture of television. These artists and writers have used different approaches to highlight their spcific feelings about the medium. Includes work by: Andrew J. Paterson, Jeanne Randolphe, Christine Martin, Jack Brown, Michael Balser, Andrea Ward, and Sean Cubbitt. Editors: G. Shea, C. Morrison, D. Martinovic, E. Lam, P. Phillips.

VHS, NTSC/PAL, 50 min
$25US, order by email

DIDEROT #3 - TV Blong Vanuatu

A single, 3-hour video program by artist John Watt. Vanuatu is an island nation in the Pacific which has banned television since its independence in 1980. Watt created a simulated day of community television programming during several visits to the island. Editors: Geoffrey Shea and Rodney Werden.

VHS, NTSC, 3 hr, 18 page booklet
$25US, order by email

DIDEROT #4 - Les Lieux de Video

In 1993 UMAS hosted an international exhibition of video art. Apart from featuring work by some of the best known and provocative artists of our time, it attempted to challenge some preconceptions about curation. Jean-Paul Fargier (FR), Jean Gagnon (Can), Anna Steininger (A) and Maureen Turim (USA) were invited from their different cultural contextsto select work and speak about how and why they selected it. Includes discussions with the curators and excerpts of work by: John Adams, Simon Biggs, Sophie Calle & Greg Shaphard, Luis Camino, Jacques Deschamps, Daniel Dion, Juan Downey, Esti, Doug Hall, Lunn Hershman, Danielle Jaeggi, Mary Lucier, Robert Morin, Jacques-Louis Nyst, Janice Tanaka, Pierre Trividic, Steina & Woody Vasulka, and Cesar Vayssie. Editors: Geoffrey Shea and Ilse Gassinger.

VHS, NTSC, 1 hr, 70 page book (ISBN 0-9697693-0-X)
$25US, order by email

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